Saturday, June 16, 2012

buildOn Story and Stomping out Malaria!

Over at the website of buildOn, a great organization I used to work for, I've just been profiled on their blog. Thanks to Clarisa Ramirez for being interested in my experiences with buildOn and interviewing me! As I describe in the article, I volunteered with buildOn in high school and traveled to Mali with them to help build a school in 2006. I never imagined that I would end up going back as a Peace Corps Volunteer! More recently I briefly worked with the buildOn Nepal office and helped to found a buildOn chapter in 2011 at Lewis & Clark College. The members of that chapter just came back from Malawi, where they helped build a school that they raised all the money to pay for.

As for my current work, Malaria Boot Camp is finishing up today and tomorrow I'm headed to Conakry for the first time. I'm now posting over at the website for Stomping Out Malaria in Africa as part of my responsibilities as Malaria Program Coordinator for Peace Corps Guinea. I most recently wrote a summary there of Malaria Boot Camp. I'm very excited about the direction Peace Corps is going with this initiative, and I can't wait to start work in Conakry!

You can follow my posts on the progress Guinea is making toward reducing malaria here: Guinea | Stomping Out Malaria in Africa. In addition Stomp Guinea now has a Twitter account that will be regularly updated:

On to Conakry, I hope you follow along!