Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting Off

The title of this post is inspired by my history with blogs. I, as many others I imagine, have successfully started several blogs. Until now, however, I have been unsuccessful in maintaining one. Although originating with the most sincere of intentions, after a first glorious post they began to wither, eventually succumbing to neglect, never to be resurrected. Will this blog grow beyond a mere sprout of an idea? Will I tend to this patch of internet with enough love and persistence to allow it the chance to grow and mature? That is an adventure we both find ourselves on, you and I, reader and writer.

As usual, I feel that a statement of intent is in order. Here, in this corner of the internet, I hope to post my thoughts as I travel (through time and space) and to share my observations and analysis on the places I am in and the work I am doing.