Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Campus has been changing for a while now with Fall, producing interesting new sights all over. I love this part of the year, when all the beauty I know here transforms itself into something new and spectacular. It comes at a price though, the cold bites even on the short walk between the apartments and class, and the occasional piercing wind seems to bring with it clouds and stormy weather. On Sunday, returning to campus from a beautiful run in Tryon with Jenifer, we entered through the main entrance that we normally don't use. To my delight, in doing so we walked under the enormous trees (will look up the species) that sit outside of Akin, my Freshman year dorm. That brought back all kinds of memories from my first year here. It seems so long ago but the memories are strong, and always make me smile. I remembered most keenly watching the line of trees facing our window change their faces with the seasons, looking out my window one morning to see a blanket of yellow and orange leaves draped on our grass. We ran outside just to play in them, rejoicing in their beauty and our freedom, eager to partake in this new seasonal tradition we unconsciously grasped we were becoming a part of, that would become ours. And so it has, the memories of the past enrich my daily life this Fall and make me think of the Fall ahead, which will be my last here. Each year the seasons show themselves a little bit differently. The variety of colors, shapes, and textures create a visual adventure, particularly at the extremes of the day with the changing light. The photo posted here lacks this light, representing instead the more reserved side of the season, the grey overcast that sometimes the sun doesn't quite penetrate. It can be frustrating that I don't have more time to spend outside and sometimes this more grey side is all I get, but in fact my daily routine takes me across campus at some of the best parts of the day for amazing light, and it can be a big emotional lift to see after a long day of class and work. Fall continues, and the memories with it.
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